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    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Coachella Round up

    Two words describe my first Coachella experience. Bitter Sweet. It was only bitter because of the way the weekend started off. I should write a novel not just the highlights!
    Day 1:

    - Car breaks down on the way to the show (imagine a two way street and 80,000 people trying to get to the same place)
    - Meet a bunch of cool kids which end up helping us out by trying to jump the car. No success. 
    - The cool kids push the car over to the curb for us. THANKS :) Great help! seriously.
    - Nick takes off with a car full of brits to try to find a car battery
    - I walk 1 mile to the actual show grounds and then am misguided by the Coachella staff, so I end up walking an extra mile in circles.
    - FINALLY!!!!! about to pick up the tickets I recieve a rude awakening from the box office and am told I only bought VIP UPGRADE TICKETS not DOOR ADMISSION.
    - As I am being instructed on what to do some middle america old lady starts to yell at me saying 'Learn how to read, you should've realized you bought the wrong tickets'. I turn around and tell  'F' off trailer trash' (That was not the time to pick on me.)
    - Go on a hunt for Angela and Chris for another hour and break the bad news to them. They almost murdered me.
    - I walk a mile back to the group (Donna, Jez, Nick) and my phone battery starts to die, along with any hope for the weekend.
    - Jez buys a ticket from a scalper which was pointless because then only one of us ends up having a ticket.
    - Nick installs the battery and then we take off to Costco to pick up a refund for the old battery.
    - On the way Nick realizes he lost his phone. Luckily, the people which gave him a ride had his phone.
    - We end up drinking in the Costco parking lot trying to overcome our gloomy afternoon. 
    - Head to Coachella to to try to scalp Jez's ticket.
    - For about an hour no one wanted to buy it till then we meet a European chick who finally buys the ticket for $500. Yes, $500 insane right? 
    - A friend of a friend was able to get us tickets and around 9pm we FINALLLLYYY MADE IT IN!!!!!
    - Enjoyed Vampire Weekend, Jay-Z,  and The Whitest Boy Alive.

    Day 2:

    - Wake up on a hunt for pool parties.
    - Call every Palm Springs listing looking for the Merv Griffin estate and as I am about to recieve the address from Palm Springs Rental the guys supervisor over here's him and I get hung up on.
    - Look up more pool parties and then a light went off in my head and realized that one of my favorite people was in town and helping out at a pool party at The Riviera.
    - The Fab Four (Donna, Jez, Nick and myself) discuss the afternoon plans with no happy conclusion, but one way or another I convinced them that I HAD TO GO SEE ERNESTO!
    - As we pull up to the destination the girls loose it laughing because that was where they wanted to go all along. They didnt realize it sooner because all we had was an address and no location name.
    - Of course parking is never an issue when Nick and I are around. We parked right up front and for FREEEEEEE.
    - Walk over to the lobby and see chaos at the door. 
    - Ernesto and Alicia come greet us and then we all head to the back part of the hotel. As we are walking they explain to us 10 seconds before we arrive to the door that we have to act as if we are 'artists' for the event.
    - When the doorman looked at us 'the artists' our reactions were like a bunch of kids who failed acting school. We looked paranoid, but it worked! haha
    - 10 steps later were in the VIP sipping free cocktails chatting up a storm with Taryn Manning.
    - Most of the afternoon was spent their followed by us heading over for Day 2 of Coachella. 
    - Tony Tony jumped into the group and we all ran into Coachella for a delicious bite to eat at the Ruth Chris' tent.
    - After din din we saw Muse and ended the night dancing like a bunch of flower children to Tiesto.
    - Rushing to the car we all start hitting up every person we possibly knew in Palm Springs and end up at The Riviera again, but for a great party we again managed to get into. Don't ask me how, that whole part is a blur.
    - We danced, drank a bit, and then headed back to the room. Oh and lost Tony Tony :/ booo!
    - The girls went to bed and Nick and I walked over to the Casino.
    - I played Blackjack for the first time and lost!
    - Nick and I start to wander threw the casino to find 'the right' slot machine.
    - We choose two 5 cent slots that looked as if they were circa 1986 and slip a $20 in each one.
    -  I win $10 and end there. Nick keeps playing till all of a sudden the machine goes crazy and doesnt stop spinning. 
    - We call over a waitress and she laughs at us and remarks 'Your machine didn't break, you hit a jackpot round. Look!' she then points at the amount of our jackpot which keep adding up resulting in a total of $330!!!!!!!!
    - We drank our hot chocolates and then went out merry way :)

    DAY 3:
    - We are woken up by loud knocks from the housekeeper. We over slept threw our check out time, ugh!
    - Rushing to get out we all decide to head over to the pool party and meet up with Ernesto and Alicia.
    - We all looked and felt like death, but it wasn't something a little buffet of food couldn't solve
    - After the munch out we all ended up in lounge chairs next to the pool enjoying some great tunes and each others company on our last day in Palm Springs
    - What was suppose to be an hour cameo turned into a 4 hour debauchery.
    - Photobooths, Lindsey Lohan, Backstage pass found in the pool, Silver ring found in the pool, vodka cocktails and tons of laughs changed our mood.
    - 5pm came around and we all ran out of there on our way to Coachlla
    - Side note: Jezika wanted to kill us because she missed her calling in life... Meeting and greeting Julian Casablanca's (lead singer of the strokes)
    - Go back to The Riviera and pick up Ernesto
    - As we arrive to the gate, which by the way is baracaded off and infested with police, Nick rolls down the window and rants about how it it imperative we part in the front because I am late to the show and need to shoot for Spin Magazine.
    - After all this I met Tiesto, Phoenix, and Kelly Osbourne plus was able to take their pictures!
    - Jez and Donna then came backstage with us and we all sat back on couches and enjoyed listening to the Gorillaz.

    Conclusion: greatness!

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